Focus on Forever

Focus on Forever!

Have you ever thought about your health in the viewpoint of forever? If not, it’s time to focus on your long term health goals. None of us plan on aging with disease, pain or physical limitations. I think we all picture ourselves being just as healthy as we are now, or better. But how many of us make a plan to ensure this happens?

The reality is most of us don’t. This is why heart disease is the leading cause of death in people over 65. It is also why 64% of women over 65 have high blood pressure. This is a staggering number! A large percentage of high blood pressure we see today can be managed, and even reversed, with healthy eating and exercise. We have an opportunity to prevent health problems by acting today!

In the month of September I would like to challenge you to consider what your future plans are, and what you are doing to protect them! Change your goals from a physical outward appearance to a healthy strong inside, the rest will follow! You can start with a few simple steps.

Family History#1. Review Your Family Health History

  • Genetics can play a role! We all have a family history of heath concerns. It’s wise to consider what might effect you, specifically, so you can incorporate this into your plan.
  • Family history is just a tool: Just because your grandmother had breast cancer, doesn’t mean you will too. A family health history is a tool to help you navigate potential concerns for your future.
  • Plan accordingly: Some of our genetics may make us prone to developing certain health concerns. When thinking about your long term plan make sure to include healthy habits that will help you prevent or manage these concerns.



#2. Take Inventory On Your Current Habits

  • Make a list of the good and bad: Keeping your health history in mind, try creating a list of your current health habits. This will give you clear picture of what things you could improve and what things you should definitely stop! And be totally honest on this part! Items you might include on this list would be sleep habits, smoking, stress, diet, exercise, etc.
  • Consider physical habits: We often undervalue the amazing gift of movement, until there is a problem. When thinking about your health habits take your body- bone, muscle and tendons into consideration. Do you work in an environment where your body is under strain? This can be sitting at a desk all day, lifting heavy objects or consistently repeating one movement. Over time these habits can lead to deterioration of your joints, ligaments and tissues causing arthritis, pain, joint replacements and loss of function.
  • Do some research! We have unlimited amounts of free information available to us today. Take time to look into your specific concerns and make notes on helpful tips. For example, if high blood pressure runs in your family it would be wise to watch your sodium intake and make sure you are eating enough potassium.


#3. Make a plan of attack!

  • Add good habits to your current routine: Instead of starting with removing bad habits, start by adding good ones! Start with drinking enough water, going to bed a little earlier, adding a nutrient dense food to your dinner or walking daily. Pick something you can keep consistent. Sometimes the small wins can make the biggest impact!
  • Focus on food: As women we often focus on food as a way of losing weight, but wash this notion away! We should be focusing on the purpose of our food- to protect and fuel our bodies! Nutrient dense foods help to heal, protect and prevent damage and disease. Once you start eating with purpose your body will heal inflammation, promote clear mental function and restore energy levels. All important factors in a healthy & happy life!
  • Find a way to add activity: The importance of physical activity cannot be overstated! In our world today we spend countless hours creating damage to our body and not enough time offsetting that damage. Physical activity doesn’t have to be un-enjoyable, daunting or something your dread. Find something you enjoy. Something as simple as stretching, and walking daily, can feel amazing; and make a large impact on your day!

#4. Finally

  • LOVE YOURSELF! Love your body, your mind and your life! Whatever your goals is, make sure your intentions are driven from a desire to care for yourself- not just for today, or your vacation next month; but for forever!

Wedding Day Fit Tips!

Wedding Day Fit Tips!

One fact I didn’t share in my last blog post was that I am going to be a bride this July! Of course, all women want to
look their best on their wedding day; and I am not exempt from this. In honor of my own special day, I want to share some of my best practices to feel confident on your big day! And yes, this is my plan as well…

#1. Start as early as possible!

  • Depending on your goals, starting early gives you the best chance of success! I am giving myself 3 months to lose about 6 lbs. If your goal is weight loss, a healthy loss would be 1-2 lbs a week. If you are looking to lose 20 lbs, you could expect 10-20 weeks of work, being very diligent on your diet!
  • Losing body fat and/ or toning up takes time! When we think of weight loss we often forget where that weight loss is coming from. If we aren’t careful we can lose muscle as well as fat! Crash diets, fad diets and low calorie diets can all create a negative effect on your body, by burning your muscle as well as fat, and ending in a plateau. Give yourself enough time to lose the right weight and you will head into your wedding day looking lean and toned.
  • Starting early gives you more room for mistakes. I know none of us go into a plan expecting to make mistakes, but fitness goals can be tricky. Eating perfectly, and giving all of your workouts 110%, isn’t always an option. The more time you allow yourself, the more room you have for those days when life isn’t going your way. I know my body, and I know I do not want to be 100% strict all the time, so I am allowing for a 1/2 lb weight loss weekly instead of going with a more aggressive goal of 1-2 lbs a week.


#2. Diet is key!

  • Food will make or break your goals at this time! We all hear the saying ‘food is 80% of the battle’ but this is no joke! Not only is the right nutrition going to help you reach your physique goals, it will also help your skin, hair and nails all look fantastic for your big day!
  •  Eat fresh vegetables! Vegetables are ALWAYS a must, but if you don’t typically add them in, now is the time. Vegetables not only help hydrate your skin, they also contain essential nutrients which help give you skin that natural healthy glow!
  • Drink Up! Water is responsible for several essential processes in our body including detoxing, increasing metabolism and hydrating your skin, hair and nails. If your body is dehydrated you will struggle to reach your goals!
  • Eat! Now is not the time to panic and start a low calorie meal plan. In order to reach your goal eating the right calories for your body is essential. Low calorie diets will only show short term progress, then when you cannot manage the diet anymore you will intimately gain back what you lost, PLUS some! Not to mention your mental state will be compromised. Low calorie diets/ low carbohydrate diets cause exhaustion and hormone imbalances, the last thing you want going into one of the biggest days of your life.

#3. Last month tips

  • When you are 4 weeks out, cut out all alcohol, sugars and artificial sweeteners! If you haven’t already done this in the months prior, it is time to get to work. Cutting these items from your diet can make a big change in your bodies ability to process nutrients, cut body fat and eliminate bloating.
  • If you still have some leaning out to do, up the intensity! When you get to the last four weeks add intensity to your workouts, this will help burn off any excess ‘fluff’. Add cardio and HIIT training with dumbbells, cardio equipment or even body weight movements.
  • Sleep in! Sleeping is essential to a healthy body. Lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain, overeating, lack of energy, lack of concentration and depression. Spend your last weeks before the big day resting for ultimate health on your big day!

#4. Last & most important!

  • ENJOY YOUR DAY!! You are prefect just as you are! Any goals we have before our big day are a small piece of the large puzzle. Whether you goal is to tone up or lean down for your wedding, or even the honeymoon bikini, don’t let it overshadow the happiness coming from one of the biggest days of your life.

Congratulations on your big day, from my family to yours!


Get to know Pureformance Fitness…

Hello! I am Dani, the owner and coach for Pureformance Fitness. I started Pureformance with the intention of making an impact on women, and their health. I witness young girls, mothers, and grandmothers, all struggling with health or weight issues. I see mis-information from our media, families and even health providers. I want to help lead women of all ages to find a healthy balance for their long term health, happiness and confidence! Today I am sharing a little about myself and the purpose behind Pureformance Fitness.

A little about Dani…

  • I am a long time lover of fitness and food! I love understanding how our bodies work, I love having the ability to effect change in our physique, health, mood, etc. and I love challenging and testing new methods. In my lifetime I have played sports, competed in figure competitions, ran a Spartan race, competed in Crossfit, I have a 5k trail run this May, and I even went through a 60lbs weight loss after giving birth to my son.
  • I believe nutrition is the foundation for all health. I don’t believe in ‘diets’ but focus on nutrition plans and education for the long term. There is a way to reach your goals without depriving yourself, which is never the answer! 
  • I have a large family. My fiance and I are a blended family of 6! We have four kids, two dogs and a turtle. Some of which you may meet if you work with me.
  • Finally, I have a fitness bucket list. My clients all know I am constantly working towards something new. Last year it was handstands (which took me the whole year to get) and this year it’s back handsprings. Next year I plan on entering my first Olympic weightlifting competition! 

A little about Pureformance…

  • Pureformance Health & Fitness, is dedicated to Women only. I chose this path because women carry their own unique challenges when it comes to health, weight management and even muscle growth. I am very passionate about helping guide women to understanding how their body works, how to use this information to benefit them and how to reach their goals with this information.
  • Pureformance Fitness offers several packages designed to fit your goals including: one on one personal training, nutrition counseling, workout programming & transformation packages designed for weight loss.
  • Personal training sessions start as low as $15! 30 Minute sessions can be as low as $21, and are appropriate for most clients looking to get a good workout. If you choose 60 minute sessions, they are $40, but include time for nutrition reviews and/ or work on more intense training goals. I also offer discounts for 12, 24 & 36 session packages.
  • Pureformance Fitness is located in Fort Wayne, IN; however I have several options available if you aren’t located close by, including Skype sessions and email/ text support. 


Contact me if you have any questions. I would love to get to know you, and the first session is always FREE!


Strength Training for Women


I could spend an entire morning going over the benefits of weight training, and most importantly the benefits for WOMEN to weight train, but instead I narrowed it down to 5 very important facts.

  • Each pound of muscle your body has burns 50 more calories per day!
    • Have you ever thought to yourself, why can men lose weight so much faster than women? Well they aren’t just lucky. Men naturally carry a much larger percentage of muscle mass vs. women, which uses more energy (calories) just to exist.
  • Weight bearing movements build bone density.
    • We have all heard about Osteoporosis but unless we are immediately affected we may not realize the seriousness of its effects. After about age 30 we naturally start to break down bone mass faster than we can regenerate it. Weight bearing exercise helps your body retain bone mass and may even help build new.
  • You can change your body composition.
    • Weight training isn’t only for getting strong, and contrary to what some may think, weight training will not make you large! When you learn to use workouts to your advantage you will have the ability to lose body fat while gaining muscle AND build a body you desire. Unlike running, or long duration cardio, weight training allows you to build and tone areas you want to address.
  • Why wouldn’t we want to be strong, right!?
    • Ok, maybe not like the hulk, but something like wonder women maybe!? You don’t have to be manly to be strong. Whether you are interested in building a booty, feeling better about yourself or trying to be active for grandkids, we all have a reason to be healthy; and weight training is not only fun but it gets these results!
  • Weight training is FUN and stress relieving!
    • Unlike standing on a treadmill or elliptical, for what feels like and eternity, weight training brings continous growth, challenges and fun to your fitness routine. Most times I hear women say they just don’t know where to start, or they are intimidated by the weight room; don’t let that stop you! Make your body, and health, a priority and come learn how to bring some excitement to your workouts!

In short, weight training will make you stronger, healthier &  happier for longer! Who wouldn’t want that?

I love teaching women to get in the weight room with confidence! Pureformance Fitness training packages are designed to give you in person training, so you feel confident in your movements, and includes workout programming for your home or gym.

Give it a try with a free initial session!