Exercise is Bigger Than Weight Loss

Exercise is Bigger Than Weight Loss

When the word exercise comes to mind do you immediately think weight loss? If so, you are sadly missing out! People often think of working out as a way to lose weight, and we easily lose sight of the fact our bodies are meant to move! I want to take a moment and review some of the reasons being active is so important to our health, and not just our weight. Read more “Exercise is Bigger Than Weight Loss”


Focus on Forever

Focus on Forever!

Family History

Have you ever thought about your health in the viewpoint of forever? If not, it’s time to focus on your long term health goals. None of us plan on aging with disease, pain or physical limitations. I think we all picture ourselves being just as healthy as we are now, or better. But how many of us make a plan to ensure this happens?

The reality is most of us don’t. This is why heart disease is the leading cause of death in people over 65. It is also why 64% of women over 65 have high blood pressure. This is a staggering number! A large percentage of high blood pressure we see today can be managed, and even reversed, with healthy eating and exercise. We have an opportunity to prevent health problems by acting today!

In the month of September I would like to challenge you to consider what your future plans are, and what you are doing to protect them! Change your goals from a physical outward appearance to a healthy strong inside, the rest will follow! You can start with a few simple steps.


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Wedding Fitness Tips Advice

Wedding Day Tips!

Wedding Day Tips!

One fact I didn’t share in my last blog post was that I am going to be a bride this July! Of course, all women want to look their best on their wedding day; and I am not exempt from this. In honor of my own special day, I want to share some of my best practices to feel confident on your big day! And yes, this is my plan as well…

#1. Start as early as possible!

  • Depending on your goals, starting early gives you the best chance of success! I am giving myself 3 months to lose about 6 lbs. If your goal is weight loss, a healthy loss would be 1-2 lbs a week. If you are looking to lose 20 lbs, you could expect 10-20 weeks of work, being very diligent on your diet!
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Get to know Pureformance Fitness…

Hello! I am Dani, the owner and coach for Pureformance Fitness. I started Pureformance with the intention of making an impact on women, and their health. I witness young girls, mothers, and grandmothers, all struggling with health or weight issues. I see mis-information from our media, families and even health providers. I want to help lead women of all ages to find a healthy balance for their long term health, happiness and confidence! Today I am sharing a little about myself and the purpose behind Pureformance Fitness.

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Strength Training for Women


I could spend an entire morning going over the benefits of weight training, and most importantly the benefits for WOMEN to weight train, but instead I narrowed it down to 5 very important facts.

  • Each pound of muscle your body has burns 50 more calories per day!
    • Have you ever thought to yourself, why can men lose weight so much faster than women? Well they aren’t just lucky. Men naturally carry a much larger percentage of muscle mass vs. women, which uses more energy (calories) just to exist.

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